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Sep. 01 - 2018

Please be aware that the "No Handshake Rule" will be strictly enforced from here forward.  A memorandum was emailed out to everyone at the start of the season detailing this rule and the resulting repercussions from non compliance.


SCAHL Memorandum 

To: All SCAHL Associations and Teams                           


Subject: Team Handshake Rule Clarification

Date: September 30, 2016


In order to clarify questions regarding the SCAHL Handshake by-law, please be advised of the following.


The wording of the by-law is:


121.u. There shall not be a post-game team handshake in SCAHL games, except for the final game of a playoff round.


The SCAHL interpretation of this rule is that there should be NO HANDSHAKEING whatsoever on the ice at the conclusion of an SCAHL game - between players, between players and referees, between coaches or between coaches and referees or between coaches and players.


The expectation is that both teams, players and coaching staffs, will exit the ice surface immediately at the end of the game.


Exception: For Midget AA interlock games played in Calgary, where their policy is to have a post game team line-up handshake, SCAHL teams are directed to follow the Calgary guidelines and participate in the handshake.

When the Calgary teams play in the SCAHL rink, it is expected that they will follow the SCAHL procedures.


Violation of this by-law shall result in a 1 game suspension to the Head Coach(es) of the team(s) in violation and a $500 fine levied against the offending team(s)’s Association. Officials authorized to impose said fine based on their observations are:

          SCAHL President

          SCAHL Governors

          SCAHL Association Representatives


This fine and suspension is levied under the following SCAHL by-law:


112a.ii Have the power to discipline any player, coach, trainer, manager or member delegate, for refusing to accept and obey League rules. Further, to discipline the same group for any proven misconduct or unmannerly conduct at any League game or activity.





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